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Studio Scene LED Decorative Light Painting

Studio Scene LED Decorative Light Painting

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Elevate your space with our mesmerizing LED Decorative Light Painting, where art and illumination converge to create an enchanting ambiance that adapts to your every mood. This unique masterpiece features five captivating scenes, each illuminated in three different levels of light, ensuring that your surroundings resonate with the perfect atmosphere.

Dog basking in the sun: 
Transport yourself to a realm of tranquility with the serene depiction of a bedroom aglow with gentle LED radiance and a dog soaking up the sunlight that is beaming into the room. Whether you seek relaxation or respite, this scene envelops you in a calming aura that soothes and rejuvenates.

Solitude and Stillness:
A vacant room adorned with a solitary chair takes on an intriguing allure as the LED lights paint a canvas of intrigue. The interplay of light and shadow beckons you to ponder and explore the stories that await within these walls.

Staircase to Nocturnal Beauty:
The enigmatic allure of a nighttime staircase comes alive as LED brilliance guides your gaze along the ascending steps. Immerse yourself in the nocturnal charm of this scene, where every ascent is a step towards mystery and wonder.

Cozy Living Retreat:
Step into the heart of coziness as the LED illumination casts a warm glow upon a living room, inviting you to unwind and bask in its radiant embrace. Let this scene infuse your space with comfort and homely charm.

Vista of Serenity:
A room with a view, and what a view it is! The LED lights bring to life a breathtaking landscape that extends far beyond the boundaries of the frame. Let this scene serve as a reminder of the world's beauty waiting to be explored.


Size: S 2317cm,L 3122cm
Voltage: 5V
Power: 0-5W
Lamp Source: LED 3 colors light (Cool light / Natural light / Warm light)
Material: Wood+Acrylic
Switch Type: USB PLUG+Dimmable button
Color temperature: 3000-6000K

Captivate your senses and illuminate your surroundings with a masterpiece that transforms any space into a realm of visual enchantment. Our LED Decorative Light Painting is not just art; it's an experience that invites you to explore the interplay of light, imagination, and atmosphere. Elevate your environment today!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Rosemary Gusikowski

Studio Scene LED Decorative Light Painting

Jessyca Abshire

Studio Scene LED Decorative Light Painting

Rodger Homenick

Well packed, frame strong, solid. Arrived quickly.
What did not like:
-On the front side is not glass, but hard transparent plastic
-The print quality of the black layer, which gives a shadow, is poor. Vertical stripes are visible when switched on and in several places small holes that glow. Could use the printer and better.

Adonis Hessel

Studio Scene LED Decorative Light Painting

Lyla Braun

I bought same from two different sellers
this is the much better quality one
very happy with the look.