About Us

Good design serves a purpose. I remember when I got my first iPhone and how it changed my life. What was once just something used to call or text has now evolved to seemingly endless forms of utility, communication, and play. I have always been drawn to art and design, specifically things or ideas that express the desire for human connection. The world has dramatically changed and I believe it's time to turn my deep interest in the arts into a new endeavor that I believe will make people's live a little brighter. That's why I opened this store where my intent is to offer items that either serve a unique purpose or help create an atmosphere in your daily life. After all, how we spend our days is how we spend our lives so why not spend them well and with enthusiasm? I hope you enjoy the items you find here!  You can also find me on Etsy: tortunacraft.etsy.com .There is much more to come. Live well, Amrita.