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Taupe Orpheus

Unicorn LED Color Changing Tap Night Light

Unicorn LED Color Changing Tap Night Light

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The Unicorn LED Tap Night Light allows you to bring a mythical creature on your night table with a simple touch, transforming a space into a safe and sound feeling area in preparation for sleep. Made from washable silicone with a pleasant soft touch body these lights are perfect for children of any age. Simply tap them on the head once to turn them on, and continue to tap to cycle through a variety of colors. What’s more, after 15 minutes the inbuilt timer in the lamp switches the power off. This saves energy and allows children to relax and drop off with ease.

Remote control adjusts colors, brightness and modes

Cordless Design: Comes with a micro usb cable for charging and functioning.

Timer function for 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes.

Size: 3.58'' W x 3.93'' D x 5.35'' H

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Stewart Haag

It is a soft touch, shine enough to sleep your child. You have to knock on a table so that it changes color.
It only has low, high light, and changing colors, I mean, you can't let the Red change from one to the other.

Lorena Fay

Great!! I recommend! The battery lasts a very long time it has been 1 week since I received it and I only charged it once at the reception. The remote control is very convenient to change colors and light intensity.

Lula Zboncak

My daughter loved it! The battery seems to last long enough and the control works great!

Camron Ortiz

Works well, battery last for 3-4 full nights

Reed Weber

My daughter loves it! Came after 14 days ~